Welcome to Sam Pack's Five Star Ford Community Network.   If you work for select companies and/or major corporations in DFW who are our corporate community partners, a member of select Credit Unions, and/or members of the select Chambers of Commerce, the Community Network Program was designed to make your next vehicle the Best-In-Class experience you've ever had when purchasing a vehicle.

How Does The Community Network Program Work and What's In It For ME ?

Our Community Network Program was created to meet the new "dynamic" in the automotive marketplace.  We know people are busy and we've created several "teams" of long-term employees who are Benefits Managers to work with our "partners" to make your vehicle purchase the BEST you've ever experienced.  We've designed the Community Network Program to be a comprehensive dealership discount benefits package for you, your family, or your company employees, not just a one-time price.  It provides the lowest "corporate" based pricing up front so if you know what you want, you're in and out in about an hour.  Additionally this program provides discounts in other departments savings you hundreds or even thousands of additional dollars while you own your car

Our Team will also bring the vehicle to you at your place of business, home, credit union, bank, etc., if you need a car and can't come to us! These are exclusive partner benefits and ONLY available through one of our partners and the Community Network Team Managers.
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Key Member Benefits & Discounts of the Community Network Program are:

You can save hundreds, perhaps thousands, AFTER you purchase your new or pre-owned vehicle from Five Star Ford, AND, The entire Community Network Benefits Program is ONLY AVAILABLE through our Member Benefits Department Managers.