Service, Parts, & Aftermarket products does not include already discounted products & may not be combined with other offers. You must qualify for an overnight stay for rental cars and they must be reserved in advance. Free Rental is limited to 1 rental a day per service visit.
New Cars / Trucks- NO HASSLE CORPORATE X-PLAN NEW VEHICLE PRICING PLUS ALL Applicable REBATES (Rebates You May Not Know Exist will be disclosed) PLUS Any Additional Ford Incentives.

With our team, the entire experience is effortless, easy, 100% transparent, and only takes about an hour. You work with Partner Managers, NOT sales people.
Pre-Owned Vehicles- NO HASSLE USED CAR EMPLOYEE PRICING- You purchase a pre-owned car for the same price as our Sam Pack Employees.  We are also the largest CPO Ford Dealer in DFW.
Service- 20% OFF Any Scheduled Service Maintenance for as long as you own your car (this could save you hundreds, even thousands over time)
10% OFF Parts Purchased OTC for as long as you own the car
10% OFF Aftermarket Accessories (bedliners, tinted glass etc) OTC for as long as you own the car
Free Rental Cars For Qualified Vehicles
Free Shuttle Service Within 10 Mile Radius of Dealership